Hi My name  is Joanna, and I run a business selling Gifts and Hampers. I have only been trading a few weeks.

I have just added 2 new Christmas Gifts to our range, these are both picnic baskets and in my opinion would make great Christmas Gifts.

The first one retails at £59.99.

2 Person Wine Picnic basket

The second Hamper is a little cheaper at £44.99 but again is a great gift.

Both these hampers are beautifully presented and are supplied with plates and cutlery. Please leave me any feedback.




As you may be aware from my previous blogs I started back in late August to get my new Gifts and Hamper business up and running, as before we are now on-line selling via Ebay, Facebook and also the new website at www.foralloccasionsgiftsandhampers.co.uk.  The website only went live last week and it has been a great success with a fair few orders coming in, my Owl Cushions and Sweetie shakes being a particular success.


There is stiff competition in the gift/hamper business with quite a few big companies and smaller specialists operating here, however I feel I have some great products that are beautifully presented and I can compete. The range at the moment includes gifts and hampers for Christmas, Birthdays, New Births, corporate Gifts, Thank you Gifts. I will be extending this range over the next few weeks.


Another area that I am going to move in to is hosting Gift and Hamper Parties I have done 2 already and it was great fun and another one is booked for next week.


I have just arranged a pitch at the St Lukes Church Christmas fate where I will be selling my wares, I am really looking forward to this as it is very local to me.

My next job is email marketing, well I say my job, Paul my partner is in charge of that, he loves this side of things and is actually very good at it.

Thank you for reading, we are getting very excited about Christmas with my two Children busy shouting out every time they see an advert on tv that they want it for Christmas.


JO xx


For All Occasions Gifts And Hampers

Hi My name is Joanna,


Great news and I am so happy today finally launched the website at http://www.foralloccasionsgiftsandhampers.co.uk , it has taken almost 3 months to get ther but we have done it.

From a idea hatched in the late summer and a fair few hours and grey hair later we are here.

Also after only been on line 2 hours somebody bought one of our sweetie shakes, thank you Mrs George from Basingstoke.

Next job is to make people aware of us and get our name out there.

Looking forward to this weekend and a bit of a break, Me and Paul are off to a wedding in Blackpool for Paul’s friend, so I will be letting my hair down and having a fair few drinks.




Hi My name is Joanna,


I thought I would share with you my last Saturday with you. I had never been to a football game before and my partner suddenly announced he was going to take me to watch Birmingham City v Barnsley, he bought the tickets and he was going to treat me.


At this stage I was thinking this isn’t much of a treat but I thought I would go with it, he also said he arrnaged for our two boys to be looked after by their Nan and he would take me out for something to eat in the city centre after the match, so not too bad.


After spending 30 mins deciding what to wear ( I am female after all) we caught the train to Birmingham and Paul (my partner) took to me to a pub by the ground at this stage I was bored listening to the other men in the pub chat about various goals and about the new manage, Lee Clark.  We then walked to the ground, found our seats and watched the game. Unfortunately Birmingahm lost 5-0 so Paul and most of the crowd where not best pleased, we left 5 mins before the end and walked to the city centre, Paul muttering under his breath your not a lucky omen and not going again with me.


Paul wouldn’t tell me where we where going to eat but he did say I would enjoy it. And he didn’t let me down, we walked up to The Cube building and went to Marco Pierre White’s restaurant. Where I then had one of the best meals I have ever had, we both had a fabulous steak each with chips cooked in Goose fat, vegetables cooked to perfection.

By this stage Paul had got over the football.

The restaurant is amazing with views all across Birmingham City centre, it was full and Paul said it took a long time to get a reservation but it was worth the wait he said. After the meal we had a few more drinks and caught a taxi home. Have to say the place is great, if you live close to Birmingham book yourself in you will not be disappointed. (Marco if your reading can I have a discount for the plug)


I then told him I will put up with going to the football as long as he took me out to a fancy restaurant each time, he said we will see and started on about lucky omens again!!!!!!!!!!

HI, My name is Joanna and I am in the process of setting up a new on-line ecommerce business selling gifts and hampers.

Since my last post I have been very busy, purchasing stock and setting up my products ready to sell.

The website is coming along nicely and we have a photographer coming over to take some photos of the products ready to upload to the new website.

I have been designing letterheads, email footers which is all good fun. The most difficult or time consuming part I have found so far is the back office bit. I.e what to do when when a order comes in where do we file the records etc..

My next decision is whether to get the new Iphone 5, keep my trusty Blackberry or go Android. Any advise on this score would be much appreciated.

We are also going to attend the Forge Mill Christmas Fair in Redditch in the first week of December to show case our products.

Thanks  Jo x

HI I am Jo,


This is my blog, I am based in sunny Redditch, England.

I am in the process of setting a new on-line business selling gifts and hampers I almost there now and the website will soon be launched it has been hard but a lot of fun.

Currently I am just designing my website with Godaddy and applying the finishing touches, to be fair to them they are very good but the detail that you have to go in to to ensure that you are compliant and legal is very in depth.


I have always had a creative side and I have a real flair for gifts and hampers and just wanted to use that and start selling my wares, so decided to grab the bull by the horns and do it. Currently I am Childminder but wanted a change.

As said above building the business from scratch has been a lot of fun and very involving. From choosing the company name, designing my letter and email, deciding what items to include in my hampers what the cost will be, sorting out a courier to deliver the hampers. Keywords for the website, I hadn’t really thought to much of SEO before but now I am a bit of an expert, a site map all good fun, I may finally start selling some Hampers soon.


I have recently been away and took my Kindle with me full of downloaded books on how to set a business up, legislation for selling goods etc.. There are so many free resources out there it is amazing, so wish to thank anyone that has taken the time to write these guides and supply them. As it has saved me a lot of time and hard work. I have devised my privacy policy, refunds policy and terms and conditions all based on these. So if anyone needs any help I may be able to point them in the right direction but the Internet will be able to help.


Follow my blog and I will keep you to to speed of developments and other things that I may feel like writing about.


Thank you


Jo x


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